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‘Lockdown: Westminster’s taking a positive view’ winners

London’s 2021 “Lockdown: Westminster’s taking a positive view” youth photography awards’ was conceived by the Positive View Foundation as an emergency Covid-19 cultural arts event in partnership with Young Westminster Foundation, and the support of Westminster Council.

Its aim was to enable young people - aged16-25’s plus 15’s and under -  to document, record, and expose the issues they have had to contend with during the Coronavirus lockdown.

This is Westminster’s first high-profile photography prize exclusively focused on young people, many of whom have grown up in disadvantaged backgrounds. For the majority, participating in this unique competition has been the first time that they have discovered the power of photography as a means of expressing their hidden creative skills. Mental health has been and still is a huge issue for everyone, especially through these stressful times and it was felt that the power of photography was a good way for the young people to express themselves, or just to focus on a project to keep them busy through these trying times.

Members of the judging panel are renowned UK photographers: Richard Young, and Lucy Mohr; Alma Rosaz, recent winner of Positive View’s “UK Youth Photography Awards”; plus renowned photography writer and editor Simon Bainbridge. Between them they have chosen the winning three entries for both the 16-25 year old group, and the 15 and under group.

16–25 Winners

1st Prize

Miloni Parikh (25)

‘Taming of the Lion’

2nd Prize

Ahmad Abdallah (23)

‘Sheltered by Mary Poppins’

3rd Prize

Matthew Yuna (20)

‘Scarred hands’

15 and under Winners

1st Prize

Jasmin Napoli (15)

‘The web of time’

2nd Prize

Finlay Kennedy (15)

‘Tunnel of Art’

3rd Prize

Emma Hewer (14)

‘The distance’

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