The Positive View philosophy is innovative well beyond its commitment to showcasing the very highest calibre of work created in the medium of photography.

We know that a structured personal development programme using photography can create a real change for disadvantaged young people – empowering them to acquire new skills whilst developing self-confidence and self-belief.  The Positive View Education Programme is unique in supporting young people in this way – creating positive futures for young people, especially those living on our most deprived inner city estates.

The Positive View Education Programme is generously supported by:

  • JP Getty Jnr Charitable Trust
  • Pack Foundation
  • The Earl of March
  • The Eranda Foundation
  • The Goldsmith's Company
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According to James Mirza-Davies of Economic Policy, during 2014 (Q1)  - 975,000 young people aged 16-24 in the United Kingdom were NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Most of these young people have low self-esteem, no qualifications and lack the experience or necessary skills to enable them to sustain employment.  Many have been bullied or have experienced negative attitudes at schools that do not allow for their disadvantaged background.  And as a result, these young people rebel or lose confidence and a lack of purpose in life.

Many of these NEET young people are trapped in a destructive circle of unemployment, mental health problems, and drug or alcohol addiction - which prevent them from building a positive future for their lives.

It is these young people that Positive View supports.


Within our programme, Positive View will focus on building human capacity and creating an earnest forum of opportunity, education and dialogue in a pluralistic framework in the context of our digital world and era. We will encourage meaningful projects that allow the formation of new ideas, that are not restrictive and allow people to take ownership, to be themselves and to help themselves. We will share practices, broaden the perspective and embrace cultural and societal context.

Through our work with disadvantaged young people, Positive View also aims to rethink the role and authenticity of photography and to highlight the pluralism of photography in various cultures as a visual language that affects other forms of art. In this respect, we will aim to interact with other creative disciplines such as graphic design, music, film, science, technology, literature and philosophy.

We will also promote a lively programme of learning through events such as lectures, debates, workshops, think tanks and summits relating to the Positive View’s key areas of interest.

It is our goal to present the work of the individuals who have benefited from our funding and to showcase them as professionals and artists in our exhibitions and installations.